Nat Reading, Alfie Weedon and Alex Patterson


"The score for Adira’s Dream has been recorded over the last few months in London and Brighton.  As a band, the collaboration with 'Adira's Dream' offered us the perfect opportunity to approach composition from a completely different perspective to that of our normal process: tailoring the intricate soundscapes that have become a key characteristic of our work, to support visual art.

The score aims to echo the anxious yet narcissistic character of Adira whilst providing moments of contrasting tranquillity throughout the film. We loved the challenge of creating a score which was not intended to stand out, but instead melt into the watery dreamscapes that unfold.

With our lives constantly broadcast through social media, Adira’s story is one we each found easy to relate to. We chose to explore familiar sounds which dominate our daily lives, unpicking and manipulating them, using layers of acoustic and digital sound, vocals, speech and field recordings from Iceland and Sri Lanka to find the inherent beauty within."