Oliver Williams

Author of ‘Adira’s Dream’, Oliver first started in the film industry as an Art Department Assistant on ‘Bridget Jones’s Baby’ in 2015 and has since moved quickly through the Art Department to establish himself as a Concept Artist / Assistant Art Director on medium to high budget features, most recently on ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in late 2017.

Becoming a scriptwriter and director was a surprise for him more than anybody, but was a challenge he chose to take on with both hands.  The concept for the film came to him almost fully formed in January of 2018 and he spent until April translating it into a screenplay.  He then committed his time to researching industry standards for production and scheduling.  At around this point Tom and Angel joined the team, and another old friend, Kat Kemsley, as Producer.

‘Adira’s Dream’ is the first feature film where a Director has singlehandedly constructed their own ‘sophisticated’ sets, and Olly didn’t stop at one but built two - in a barn at his family home in rural Oxfordshire - over the course of six weeks, before shoot commenced in August 2018.

Despite having no training or experience with any of the roles he took on, except for design, he successfully completed shooting ‘Adira’s Dream’ by the first week of September 2018, entirely on a mobile phone and a consumer drone.

His ambition is that this project is seen by budding filmmakers as proof that all you need to make a good film is a good idea and the closest camera to hand.

You can find out more about Olly on his website: www.oliverwilliams.com
or via his instagram handles: @Oblidah + @Oblidah_Photo

You can also find Oliver on IMDB