Angel Jones


Angel Jones

Angel is a freelance writer, her work has appeared on multiple online platforms.  Her main focuses are Cinema and how women are portrayed in film.  She co-wrote ‘Adira’s Dream’ with Oliver Williams who is an old friend and huge admirer of her writing particularly regarding these subjects.

Angel is herself an aspiring Director and Screenwriter and enjoyed using this experience to further step into the world of a character than she would otherwise be used to.  The experience has since propelled her into writing an exciting new screenplay and taking on another writing collaboration.You can follow her progress via her website:

Thomas Moore actor


Thomas Moore

Qualified as an Environmental Scientist, Thomas is making his acting debut in ‘Adira’s Dream’.  Working closely with Oliver Wiliams, he thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of being a ‘non-actor’ and the insights it brought to his character. Whilst initially it was a surprise to be asked to play such a key role in a feature film, he looks forward to further film projects in the future.

Thomas is currently building his illustration brand ‘Lást Maps’, combining art with adventure whilst promoting conversation about environmental issues and wildlife conservation.

You can find out more about Tom, his brand and his hand-drawn maps, on his website: