Lucy de Roeper - artist


Original Paintings

“Lucy de Roeper is a British born artist based in London who uses emotional response to the world around her as the main source of inspiration behind her work. Lucy aims to push painting towards abstraction, whilst relying heavily on process and experimentation, but never neglecting observation. She has a particular interest in surface and texture, often using less traditional mediums such as real sand, beeswax and material to recreate a feeling of place or situation. She aims to recreate imagery that resonates with her true inspiration, the natural world, often painting from memory.”

Olly discovered Lucy’s work on Instagram in January 2018. Her work largely inspired his inclusion of paintings of abstract views of a river, from source to sea, in the set design of Adira’s apartment.  He reached out to her to commission 10 paintings, in turn heavily influenced by the script, and over the course of pre-production they worked closely on a look and feel that would be appropriate for the character of Adira.





Phoebe Williams is a young ceramic artist based in Peckham, London. Since graduating from Manchester having studied Art History she has focussed her ambitions on being an artist in her own right.  Her work is inspired by nature and finds it’s form following precedents set by Grayson Perry and Kate Malone.

Having chosen to decorate Adira’s bedroom with abstract paintings emotive of a character, Olly set Phoebe the brief to create a dinnerware inspired by the setting: a Lebanese restaurant, the meeting place for an app-based dinner-date. Phoebe excelled at this task and continued beyond the brief to provide further decoration and detail to be used in the rest of the set.


You can follow Phoebe’s work and find her upcoming exhibitions on her instagram page: @piweewilliams